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Student Bachelor's Degree - IUT Orléans

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Male Name - 21 years old (30 juin 1992) - Driver Licence

People is curious, funny and above all passionate about IT, knowing various langages of programmation (see Resume). Open-minded and naturally nice person. Football player have its lost hours.


Project in the context of my Bachelor's Degree - Computerization of testing Packaging Article

LDAP connection
Access management
Flow validation

Using various Web technologies, this application allows service Packaging & Technical Data (PDT) to perform tests of Article Conditioning (AC). Testing before being performing in paper form, this application allows the service PDT have a better follow-up testing.

Project in the context of my Higher National Diploma - Computerized Forms

LDAP connection
Access management
Flow validation

Based on web technology, this site will allow all users, after login to Active Directory, to make a request. As part of the ecology and increased productivity, the computerization of the system was necessary. Thus, a user wishing to apply to the IT department, it will use the new system management application. The objective with this new tool is fluidized information flow as making savings on ink and paper. The information about the Active Directory connection via research was necessary and was also useful in other projects.

Project in the context of my Higher National Diploma - Computerized Sheet Movements

LDAP connection
Access management

The purpose of this project was to reduce the consumption of paper used by the IT department and facilitate the work of technicians. In addition, it is also possible to make requests for access to business applications site. It's applications can be handled by application managers.

Project in the context of my High School Diploma - PC Migration

Windows 7 install
Data transfer

The project had a deadline of the end of 2014, we achieved in less than one year. A reason more or less 4 computers per day, it is now 90% of the IT park is in Windows 7. The rest is in most cases too specific positions that you can not change or that requires more time in terms of setting. Therefore, we performed an extraction of all the computers on this site. Then we planned appointments with users, starting with the earliest computers. We have established a checklist that allows us to check the points required before delivery of the new computer.




Sanofi - Alternately under my Bachelor's Degree

2011 - 2013

Sanofi - Alternately under my Higher National Diploma


Laboratoires Servier Industries - Summer job



Student in Bachelor's Degree Network and Telecom specialty Web Development and Mobile
IUT - Orléans


Higher National Diploma IT Services to Organizations specialty Software Applications and Business Solutions
CFSA AFTEC - Orléans


High School Diploma Sciences and Management Technology specialty Management Information Systems
School Benjamin Franklin - Orléans




90% Complete


90% Complete


80% Complete


50% Complete

Operating System


90% Complete


60% Complete

Mac OS

80% Complete

Librairies / Framework


70% Complete

jQuery UI

80% Complete

Twitter Bootstrap

80% Complete

Symfony 2

30% Complete


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